Well meaning people ask us all the time how our adoption is going, and the answer is… we wait. We have officially been in the adoption process, from deciding to adopt, to updating paperwork for over 2 YEARS! Yes, yes you read that right. We originally decided to adopt when our youngest had just turned 1, it took us about a year to apply, finish our homestudy, and raise enough money to send our paperwork to Ethiopia. Now our paperwork has been in Ethiopia for just over a year, which means some of it is starting to expire and we are having to renew paperwork and fingerprints. (Which by the way just adds to the cost!)

Much has happened in 2 years; because of the wait (official wait times have just been increased to 18 -24 months, with the expectation that they will continue to increase) we  have decided to adopt domestically while we wait for our Ethiopian child.

Well guess what? We are expecting to wait a while for that one too… too many adoptive families and not enough birth moms are working with our agency. The average wait time for our domestic adoption is about 12 months.

And so we continue to raise money, now for both adoptions and pray hard. If you would like to be a part of our latest fund raiser, and look stylish in the process, buy one of scarves from Kuwait. Follow this link… https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150653003067408.400894.578377407&type=3Purchase a scarf for $20 to help support our adoption. Use the paypal button to donate $20, in the memo section add the scarf number and we will send you the scarf...

That is the short story, if you want to hear more, let us know and I can give you the long answer.