We have officially been waiting on receiving our referral for 4 months now; so of course people are asking, “How are things going with the adoption?” I keep telling people that I am so thankful that we have kids and are in a busy season because it has made the wait easier, but that is really a lie. I didn’t think that it was a lie at first, but now I am realizing that I was just saying that so I did not have to really share what my heart feels. Which is… we do not know how long we will have to wait, our agency has recently officially increased the wait times so we are looking at 10 – 18 months, with 4 of them down and the feeling that wait times will indeed be increased again before we have our next child home. In the mean time, I cry while putting away unused “baby items” around our house as our current children grow out of them, get a pang in my heart when I hear of another mom who rejoices over the new life formed in her, and tear-up when we place an extra plate and cup at our table to remind us of the place at our table that our next children have, while it reminds us of the place that is set for us in heaven when our earthly life ends.

Josh and I have prayed and thought really hard about if it would be a good decision to open up our age-range and only request 2 children from Ethiopia. The problem with that is… because of the age-range we would be requesting, the process would take longer, and we are not ready to displace the age order of our current children by opening up our age range. (Plus, we are not approved in our homestudy for more then a 3 year old.)

The longing, and unrest has been compounded by the fact that our agency will now allow for families to build their families through other means while waiting for their Ethiopian adoption to be completed. We feel called to adopt at this time, so having another biological child felt like taking things into our own hands, and as we started to initially investigate domestic adoption, we felt like it was too far out of our price range. But, we have been in contact with a domestic agency here in Arizona, Family Child Care, and have found out that they are within our price range. The great thing is that our homestudy is completed and we will only need an update… So while we wait for our child from Ethiopia, we are going to pursue a domestic adoption. The average wait time through this agency for placement is about 11 months, and I am praying that I will be able to rest in God’s timing as we move forward. Please, pray with and for us as we embark on the next stage of our journey.