The longer the process of our adoption goes on, the more I’m reminded of how hard adoption is and how it takes so many to make it happen. The money, the stress, how tiring it gets. It truly becomes a community project.

From rummage sales, phone calls, supporting us, helping us raise money, the list goes on and on.

Not to mention the folks that are praying for us and the child who will one day be a part of our family.

I was reminded of this today. A good friend posted on his blog that he would be donating $100 and was challenging his friends to donate $10 to help us complete our adoption puzzle. Now, people I have never met are sending me messages over twitter letting me know they are donating and praying for our family. It truly is humbling.

Have you gotten involved yet? $10 helps get us one step closer to making one less orphan in the world.