As part of the adoption process we are required to read a handful of books on adoption and parenting, one of the things that this reading has done has caused my heart to ever more aware of the plight of the orphan as well as the problems with attachment after a child is adopted. As we progress through the paper pregnancy my heart has started to love this child we don’t even know. It is weird to not know anything about our child; whether they are born yet or are even a twinkle in someone’s eye, if he/she is a boy or girl, the age, health and background. And yet my heart is starting to long for their’s. To know the sound of their voice, the touch of their hand and to show them God’s unconditional love as they learn to trust and attach to our family. I know that the journey may be long, but with Gods strength and knowing that we are called to expand our family through adoption, hopefully we will be the agent for change in our kids lives, just as much as they are for us. Please pray that as we progress though this journey that we will allow our hearts to feel the love for our child(ren) yet to be, even though we do not know them yet.