I wanted to give you all a little update on what is happening in Ethiopia right now in regards to adoption. Please take time to pray for our newest addition, as well as orphans across the globe. Consider what you can do to help alleviate the orphan crisis, here in the states and abroad.

– There is one, yes you read that right, one judge that overseas all of the court appointments related to all of the adoptions that happen in Ethiopia.

-The police in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia are fighting with MOWA, the primary adoption authority in Ethiopia, which is holding up ALL adoptions from that region. (This may also include the adoption of a sweet little girl by my cousin Erika.)

-Many of the orphanages in Ethiopia go without basic needs. Most recently, I heard of one infant orphanage that some adoptive parents visited that was without diapers or mattresses for the cribs. The children were wearing onesies with a bit of torn sheet placed in the bottom to catch what they can, needless to say this did not work well… Thankfully there have been many donations from the families that have gone over to Ethiopia recently, but there are still other orphanages that are not in the immediate area to receive donations from visiting families that are in similar situations.

-Sickness and death: there are still many children who are orphaned because of malaria. Many of the children who are in the transition home (a home for kids who have a forever family, but are waiting to pass embassy or court) are sick. In the discussion group that I am a part of, there are always requests for prayers because a child is on a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round of antibiotics. Which means that kids who do come to the states get antibiotic resistant illnesses. Not to mention all of the kids who are not in orphanages or the transition homes who do not get the immediate care of a doctor when they are sick. If I remember correctly, there is one doctor to about every 30,000 people in Ethiopia.

-Kids who are transitioning home. As we read more about adoption, we are starting to realize that the transition home for many of these kids, especially the older ones, can be very difficult. Some of these children have been separated from their families because of death and disease, others because the family is unable to care any longer for their child/children. Some children have never had a consistent caregiver, so they have never learned how to attach to another human or how to trust. It breaks my heart, and makes me long to know and hold our next child. I know that the journey will not be easy, but to help show the love of God to a child who may never have felt love will be… worth it all.