When Katie and I began this journey of adoption one of the things she said was, “I don’t think all the money will come in at once, instead, God will provide what we need, exactly when we need it.” Since I am a planner (insert control freak), this was not a great comfort to me, at first any way. I want all the money we need now. It makes it easier to trust God if all the risk is taken out of the equation, but then I don’t really need to trust God.

Throughout this process, God has provided at just the right moment when we have needed it. Almost like manna, just enough for that day.

The next step in the process, to send our paperwork to Ethiopia, we need to send a check of $8,000 with it. Right now, we have no idea how that will happen, but we also know God has been faithful this whole process and will continue to be.

It is starting to feel like a story where I want to know what happens next and how God will move next.