A few cool things have happened recently to help push us on to the next step of our adoption:

  • We have officially had our last home study visit and will be faxing over the last piece of paperwork tomorrow!
  • We should have the finalized home study in our hands by the end of the month, which means we should be able to accept tax-deductible donations by the middle to end of November! (We were hoping to have this by the end of the year!)
  • You can now buy coffee through our online store to help support our adoption! Go to www.justlovecoffee.com/reich and place your order! I know that we will be using this to buy our coffee and support our own adoption!
  • We received our passports in the mail!

All of this may not look like much, but there has been quite a bit of behind the scenes detail and paperwork going on. Plus, my cousin, Erika should be receiving her referral for their new child any day! It has been exciting to have a family member who has walked through the same process just a few months earlier, and to celebrate with them as they get closer to bringing another child into their forever family.

Check back soon as we keep you up to date on what is happening in our journey!