I know when I was looking at adoption blogs I wanted to know what the process was like and how and when money was needed in the process… so in my laymen’s terms and general timeline I wanted to give you a sneak-peak into what we have done to get to this point:

April 2010: Initial application sent to America World Adoption ($250 application fee)

May/June 2010: Filled out additional paperwork explaining what our current financial situation is and how we will be raising the money for the adoption. Discussed options to change from Rwanda to Ethiopia, in the end, we decided to change our adoption to Ethiopia. Also, filled out paperwork to get a discount because Josh is a pastor.

July 2010: Officially accepted into the Ethiopian program! Put on our first Rummage Sale (with HUGE amounts of help), raised $1,800. Sent $1,125 to America World for the 1st agency fee.

The start of the “paper pregnancy”. Ordered birth certificates and marriage license ($53.50), 2 copies of passport photos ($20), police clearance letters ($20). The paperwork has been fairly extensive and includes autobiographies for Josh and myself, plus tons of financial information, verifying financial information and copies and notarized copies of everything in between. Thankfully we have a friend who is a notary! The crazy thing is that we have had to duplicate some of the work because we may need a copy for the home study, which goes to the case worker, but then we need a separate, slightly different, copy or information for the Dossier, which will go to Ethiopia.

August 2010: Put on our second Rummage Sale, raised $1,100.

September 2010: On the first we will officially start our Home Study. We will need to pay $2,979, which is broken down to the following fees: Home Study fee ($1800), Post placement fee ($1050), Travel fee ($129).