A few people have asked me what is happening with the adoption, so I thought that I would end my delinquency and update our blog. Yes, the adoption agency did get our application, and yes, we have heard from them. Because we do not have $30,000 sitting in a bank account somewhere ready to fund the adoption, they requested more detailed financial information to make sure that we will have money to put toward adoption expenses and a plan to pay down our current debt (more about that later). Here is what else they said,

“I hope you are doing well today! I have been working on the review of your application and wanted to follow up with your family regarding a few things.

As we continue to receive more applications from families whose desire is to adopt from Rwanda, we recognize the importance in communicating with families such as yourselves, the current status of our Rwanda program. America World’s Rwanda program continues to be a new program and one in which the government of Rwanda’s commitment to international adoption is still developing.  Due to the current state of the Rwanda government regarding international adoption and more agencies and families trying to adopt from there, we continue to see an increase in the adoption wait time and expect a trend of increasing wait times to continue.  America World fully respects your family’s decision on your country of adoption but want you to be prepared and expect the likelihood of longer and increasing wait times when adopting from Rwanda.   

We encourage prospective families to prayerfully consider our Ethiopia program as another option for adoption through Africa. The America World Ethiopia program is one in which we have developed over several years and have two Transitional Homes where children will live temporarily before being adopted into loving homes by our families here in the United States. The Ethiopia program is currently a much more predictable adoption process for America World families.”

So now we are in the position to decide if we would like to continue with an adoption from Rwanda, or change over to Ethiopia. This is something that we have struggled with… I do not want to change over to Ethiopia just because it would  be easier… So we are thinking and praying about it right now. I have a heart for Rwanda because of the research that we have done to get to this point, but I know that Ethiopia is in need of adoptive parents as well.

So to make a long story even longer, we will be taking the next few months to pray over and decide which country to continue our adoption through and get a few financial things together: We found a $1,300 error in our Van loan, in our favor, that we need to straighten out, and we are setting up Josh’s retirement accounts. This also gives us some time to gather money for the initial expenses of the adoption process, namely the first agency fee and the homestudy. All of this will put us in a better financial situation, which will hopefully make the whole process go that much smoother! We would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we continue this journey.